Netizens poke holes in journalist’s attempt at discrediting rumors about Sulli’s overnight date with Choiza

September 27, 2013 @ 12:37 am

Ever since the surfacing of the photos capturing f(x)‘s Sulli and Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza ‘date’, netizens have been pointing out that it wasn’t simply a morning-meetup, but rather an overnight one thanks to the picture you see above. 

This was reasoned out by netizens for Sulli was wearing the same clothes in the morning set of photos, but Choiza seems to have been able to change clothes between the night and the morning – suggesting that the two spent the night at his house after the beer session, (before they were captured on their ‘morning date’).

In defense of Sulli, a journalist from ‘Sports World‘ tried to discredit the rumors about Sulli having a sleepover at Choiza’s house with a new photo (below), claiming that this new picture must be from the same night as the above photo, but at a different angle.

The journalist takes note of the date marked on the photo – September 6th, 3:45 PM – and makes the conclusion that this is evidence that Sulli and Choiza did not spend the night together since the ‘morning date’ photos were taken on September 25th.

He then spins off the story that Sulli is known to usually enjoy wearing this same outfit over and over as it was a present from fans. He says both of these pictures (above and below) must have been taken at 09/06 3:45 PM; thus, the rumors that suggest that Sulli spent the night at Choiza’s home must be false since the morning date photos were taken at 09/25 10 AM.



However despite his attempt to dispel the rumors, netizens couldn’t help but laugh as they flooded the article with comments, poking holes into the journalist’s theory about the two photos being from the afternoon of September 6th.


They pointed out:

1. The time stamp is one that is seen on messages exchanged on KakaoTalk app when the photo is received or sent, not when the photo is actually taken.

2. How can it be so dark outside when it’s 3:45PM?

3. Would that many people be going out to drink on a work day at 3:45PM?

4. Why is the chair blue in one photo and red in the other one?

5. Where did the hat come from? 


They commented along the lines of, “You’re making no sense, you’re telling me that there are that many people coming to drink at 4PM?”“It’s that dark at 4PM?”“Journalist, I don’t know how much you’re being paid for this, but at least get your facts to match up before you expect us to fall for it. That picture is completely different from the other picture of them drinking beer,” and more.



Meanwhile, both agencies have denied the dating rumors, revealing that the two are like a brother and sister and held hands just to be playful.


Source+ Image: Sports World via Nate

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