valentine card part 2 by juliah utami

juliah utami valentine“Here’s another card for you kyuhyun” it was Julia, who brought a white envelope and directly went to the class. Luhan felt even more miserable. Kyuhyun opened the envelope. “My love for you is as big as an elephant” he read. He opened the card. “but then, so is your head!”

Everyone laughed. “Big head! Big Head!” They shouted. “Nice one Julia, it just like a big sureprize for you kyuhyun” said peter. “it’s interesting! i just have this kind of card in my life”. Luhan felt a lot happier, he was not felt as miserable as in the morning.

Then, Luhan went back to the classroom he sat down and thought about what he just saw, and he reminded about the envelope that he gave to julia in the morning, no one in the classroom, then he lock the door and  and opened Julia’s  desk, it was empty “did she throw it away?” Luhan looked pale. Then he went back to his desk, he was wondering about what’s julia thought.

Break time will finished soon, five more minutes untill all people got back to the class, he didn’t want to start studying with this kind of situation. someone knocked the door rudely. then he opened the door and all the people got in. the bell rang to announce the end of the break. Luhan went back to his desk and took his pen in the drawer, unpurposely he made something falling down, he saw the most amazing thing, a white envelope. He looked around and the most gorgeous girl in he world smiled at him.


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