[SPOILERS!] Heirs Ep. 10: Five Light Moments

The last few episodes have been harsh, and this one didn’t let up all that much. Still, in the midst of all the tension were some really nice little moments, and I couldn’t let those get by unnoticed…


This show has made a point of showing us that Tan’s mother, Ki Ae (Kim Sung Ryung), is not the brightest bulb in the box, but she /really/ tries to be a mom to Tan (Lee Min Ho). When Tan announces to Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) that Ki Ae is his mother and storms out, she stews in worry over what will happen and where her son ran off to. Hee Nam (Kim Mi Kyung) stops to ask what Ki Ae would like for dinner and Ki Ae’s too worried to care, so Hee Nam sits down and gives her a hand massage- awww. When Ki Ae asks about it, Hee Nam signs that Ki Ae’s complexion looked a bit off- and Ki Ae understood her! So she knows a bit of sign language? I know that’s probably not a big deal or that much of a surprise when Hee Nam’s been working there for three years, but it’s the first hint we’ve seen of Ki Ae doing something to accomodate Hee Nam, and it’s sweet.


Hyun Joo (Im Joo Eun) and Won (Yoon Jae Ho) have plans for a date, which get held up by some Kim family business. Hyun Joo’s known for a while that their relationship couldn’t last, and when she gets the cancellation text, she knows that this is the end. She doesn’t need to know the specifics- that they’re being tailed by a P.I., that Won was presented with a choice between her and the business and he chose the business- she’s known this was coming for a while.

Just as she’s about to head back inside, Hyo Shin (Kang Ha Neul!!!) pulls up in front of her with that magical K-Drama timing and hops out of his car. How’d he know where she lives? Why is he driving without a license? He says he got the address from his parents’ files and reminds her that he turned 19 last year- not that she noticed. She tells him he should be home studying, but he points out that his tutor quit on him. She scoffs, and he states the real reason he’s here- “I’m not your student any more,” he says, and then he steps right up and kisses her on the forehead before disappearing off into the night and leaving her reeling. He’s been pretty forward with the flirting until now, but this is definitely the most forward he’s been. If it were anything more than a peck on the forehead I’d be giving him the ol’ side-eye, but this was cute.


Myung Soo (ZE:A‘s Hyungshik)’s presence in this drama amuses me, if only because he seems to be the only non-offensive character in the whole show. He’s nobody’s best friend, but nobody dislikes him and he manages to get along okay with mostly everyone. His little moments- from his cutesy faces to dancing to “Aftermath” in his studio, are always a nice little breather when things get too heavy. His dramatic murder-death sequence in the paintball game cracked me up.


Cutest couple ever? Quite possibly. She buys them couple shoes, which he gladly accepts, and she just wants to hold hands and get piggy back rides and have his undivided attention in return, which he is more than happy to provide. When they’re put on opposite teams in paintball and Bo Na (f(x)‘s Krystal) takes Rachel (Kim Ji Won) out before the game even starts, Chan Young(CNBLUE‘s Minhyuk) grins. And then the paintball game itself! Chan Young and Bo Na face off, both melodramatically unwilling to shoot the other. Ye Sol (Jun Soo Jin) tries to sneak up behind Bo Na, but Chan Young jumps in the way and takes the hit, saying that he’s giving her the world as a gift as he dramatically fake-dies in her arms. Ye Sol rolls her eyes and shoots Bo Na too. Ha!


Not the whole relationship! The moment isn’t even cute, per se, but when he walked up and started waffling about whether or not to shoot her and demanding answers to his questions and she just shot him, I cheered. You go, Eun Sang.

Coming back to Korea has been quite a drag, hasn’t it? I want the cuteness back! Obviously I like some drama in my dramas, but man… I almost wasn’t able to come up with five moments for this list. Yikes. I’m starting to miss Jay the surfer dude.

At this point I’m really starting to wonder why anyone likes anyone in this drama. I understand why Tan and Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) were drawn to each other in the beginning, with the rush of their jaunt through the US and the mystery of reuniting under the same roof in Korea, but by now Eun Sang’s done nothing but dismiss Tan and Tan’s done nothing but ignore everything she says- why do they like each other again? And then Young Do… I’m not even sure why I as a viewer am supposed to like him, considering just how awful he is 99.9% of the time. Like, I get it, he’s had a pretty nasty home life and all of his problems seem to be popping back up all at once, but I just can’t feel sorry for him when he’s just a jerk all the time. I have to credit Kim Woo Bin’s acting once again because he sometimes manages to make me almost forget that I have no reason to sympathize with Young Do. Almost. Honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that Chan Young and Bo Na are so darn cute together, I’d be shipping Chan Young and Eun Sang like nobody’s business right now.

We finally learned a little about Hyo Shin (Kang Ha Neul) today, but not nearly as much as I want to know. What is his relationship to Young Do that we saw hinted at in the first episode? Why was he throwing up in the bathroom? We know he has to take medicine every day for his (I’m assuming?) depression,  but not mention of the ginseng supplements he’s always taking in addition to his pills- just what kind of shape is this kid in? And what event is he planning to shake things up at home? Yes, this is partly fueled my by Kang Ha Neul fangirling (if the copious use of exclamation points in previous articles didn’t give me away), but it’s also because his character is genuinely interesting- more interesting than our main trio right now, at least.

Speaking of interesting side characters, we haven’t talked nearly enough about Rachel (Kim Ji Won) yet. Her slow realization that Tan is not the guy she thought she was in love with, her affection turning to disdain, her choice to take control of the situation by asking their parents to end the engagement rather than letting Tan continue to waffle about- this girl’s got a lot going on! I’m glad we get to see her interactions with Won (Choi Jin Hyuk), who seems to “get” her better than anyone on this show so far. She’s so normal and likeable when the pressure’s off. I’m hoping that at some point, she and Eun Sang will have to team up for some reason and they can come to some kind of truce.

Lastly, I want to talk about Eun Sang herself. I see a lot of complaining about how she’s spineless or she doesn’t stick up for herself or whatever, but I don’t see it. When people mess with her, she fights back. When Tan is being dumb, she ignores him. When people try to drag her around, she shakes them off. Yeah, sometimes she cries, but dagnabit this girl is under a lot of pressure! I’d cry too! She has her teenager moments, and sometimes she’s just to tired to fight- especially when it comes to Tan, who she doesn’t actually want to fight, she just has to, which would be exhausting for anyone. She’s a tough little cookie and I can’t fault her for reacting to stress the way she does.

A friend of mine pointed out that a big difference between Eun Sang and her predecessor from ‘Boys Over Flowers‘, Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun), is that when Jan Di walked away from Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho’s character in BoF), Jan Di would get mad and sigh dramatically, but would stop just like she was told. Eun Sang keeps right on walking.

Well guys, we’re halfway there- what are your thoughts?

source : allkpop


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