Amber and The Lost Kingdom



By : Juliah Utami

One day, a girl named Amber was laying her head on the table while the teacher explaining. She’s not tired, but she’s too lazy to hear the teacher explanation about history, the lesson that she really really hated, even she never brought the text book. She always sat in the corner of the class to sleep along history time finished. “hoaammn…. what a freak lesson is this” said Amber without covering her mouth. All her classmates could hear her voice so do the teacher. With her innocent face, she continued to lay her head on the table and sleep.

The teacher couldn’t beared her anger, she throwed the red marker in her hand to Amber and hitted Amber’s head. “bite your tounge! If you can not shut your mouth up, just dismiss from this class!” said the teacher in her anger. “Really? That what i really hope!”. She just wanted to go out but the teacher block her way. “it is not that easy, do this and give it to me tomorrow morning, or you will not get your report”. Then she took the task and leaved the class without said something.Amber went to the library, she wanted to calmed her mind. She took a comics and read it, she was too sleepy, and then she slept.

Amber was in her dream, there she was in a small district, she looked so masculine by her clothes made up by metal and a long sharp sword in her hand. She thought that she was ready to fight, but no one in that place. “what kind of dream is it? Why I just be alone here” said Amber while throwing stones to the lake in the middle of district. The lake looks very clean, she just wanted to swim there if she did not see the warning. A moment later, those stones that she threw hit her head. “ouch! Who is that?” she want to throw back the stones but no one there. Then she went around to find the suspect, “Oh God, why people really loves to hit my head?”. “because your head is big! Heheheh” said someone inside the water of lake.

“who are you?, wait! I want to ask something” Amber face looked serious and she made the girl felt symphaty. “what do you want to do here? Don’t you know this lost  kingdom has been emptied since long time ago?” asked the girl. “what? A lost kingdom? I never heard abou that” said Amber. “how could you don’t know, this kingdom is really famous” said the girl.“so what should i do? Please help me, i don’t know what to do with this kind of clothes” said Amber. “Ok, i will help you but can you help me first? Come here and bring your sword” said the girl, Amber did not said anything and just went to the lake. Amber could see the tail of mermaid, “Are you mermaid?” asked amber. “just cut my hair and i will tell you” said the girl, then Amber cut the hair. “Thanks” said the mermaid girl and suddenly after Amber cutted their hair, her mermaid tail changed become two human legs. she looked so happy, “thank you very much, come on and follow me” said the mermaid girl.

Then the mermaid girl tell everything about she and her sister, they were the victim of thebloodthirstiness king that cursed them to be mermaids. “if you come here with your metal clothes and sword, it means you are our saviour” then they went out from the lost kingdom and went to the great hall. “you need to fight  with the king, that’s the only way for you to go out from your dream and save the people in the kingdom” the mermaid girl escaped herself.

Then the bloodthirstiness king came, “who are you? Are you the savior?” asked the king. “y..yes” said Amber. “ooh.. i’ve been waiting for you since long time ago!” the king was ready to fight with Amber. “wait wait.. actually i’m not the savior, i just found this clothes and the sword and i just use it” said Amber. “really? So what do you want to do here? Do you know what kind of place is this?” asked the king. “umm.. it is a lost kingdom?” said Amber didn’t sure. “anyway, do you know my name?” the king was getting angry. “a bloodthirstiness king?” said Amber. “WHAT? How dare you don’t know my name!” then the king cursed Amber to be a mermaid, and she couldn’t wake up from her dream forever. Actually, the lost kingdom was the lesson of history that explained in history lesson by the teacher, the lesson that she really hated make her sleep forever.



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