valentine card part 1 by Juliah Utami

juliah utami valentine“it’s 14 february tomorrow” said Peter, “are you going to send any cards?”. “I don’t know” said Luhan but it was not true. “Well., i never send any valentine’s cards, but i’m going to get lots of them. “it was Kyuhyun, and he was probably right. He was the tallest and the best-looking boy in the class. All girls liked him. Unfortunately, he knew it.

After school Luhan went to the shop to buy card for Julia. She sat near Luhan in the class and he thought she was the most gorgeous girl in the world. She had a beautiful eyes and she was nice too. She laughed a lot and she was very intelligent. Luhan choose a card. It said “My love for you is as high as a mountain and as deep as the sea. Be my valentine. “it was more expensive than the other cards, but Luhan liked it.

The next day, Luhan went into the classroom early and put the card in Julia’s desk. Julia come with her friend Dita. “Are you really going to give that card to Kyuhyun?” Dita asked. “yes, i’m going to give it to him at break” said Julia and they both laughed. Luhan felt miserable. He wanted to to get his card from Julia’s desk but it was too late. Fortunately his name wasn’t in the card.

Julia found the card, opened it, smiled and looked around. Luhan did not look at her, but he knew that his face was as red as tomato.

Break came and Luhan went outseide with Peter. Kyuhyun was there. He lookes as proud as peacock with all his cards. “you see” he said. “i did not  send any cards but i got lots of them”


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