The Magic Leaf by Juliah Utami

julia utami daunOne day, a tramp come to an old woman’s house, “exuse me” say the tramp. “i’m very hungry. Have you got anything to eat?” but the old woman is very mean. “go away” she say “i haven’t any food for you. “oh” said the tramp, “well have you got any water? You see, i have a magic leaf and i can make soup with it. But i need some water. ‘yes i’ve got some water”

She bring a big pan of water and put it on the cooker. The tramp put the stoneinto it. After a while he tested the soup “mmm, its very goode” he say ‘have you got any salt and pepper?” the old woman bring a bottle of salt and pepper. “mmm, thats better” say the tramp. “its really needs vegetables. Its a pity if don’t have any vegetables. “oh, i can find vegetables” say the old woman. She run into the garden and bring back some potatoes, carrots, beans and big onion. The tramp put t vegetables into the pan.

“is it ready now?asked the old woman. “almost”said the tramp. “it’s really needs meat. It’s a pity if you don’t have any meat.v”oh, i can find some meat” say the old woman. She runto the refrigerator and come back with some ham and some sausages. The tramp put them into the pan.

“Right, said the tramp after a while. “i can’t see the leaf now, so the soup is ready. Bread is very good with stone soup, it’s pity if you don’t have any bread. “oh, i can find some bread, some butter, and a bottle of wine. She put them on the table with some knifes, forks, and spoons. Mm, this is delicious” said the old woman when she tasted the soup . “and you make it with just that magic leaf. “the tramp smile, pick up his knife and cut another slice of bread.


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