Toothy Smile Fox by Juliah Utami

juliah utami foxTwo ducks sisters are walking along the road to the pond for their morning swim. “this is a good road” said the first sister, “but i think, just for change, lets find a new road. There are many roads to the pond .”no” said the second sister. “I don’t agree. I like this road”

One morning the ducks met a fox sitting on a fence along the road. “Good morning ladies” said the fox “are you going to to the pond?” “oh yes” said sisters, we come along here every day” “interesting,”  said the Fox with toothy smile.

The next morning when the sun came up, the first sister i think we will meet the fox again if we go that way. I did not like his toothy smile. Lets find another road”

“you are silly” said the second sister. “That fox smiled at us. Ithink he is polite.” The two ducks walked down the same road. There was the fox, sitting on the fence. This time he carry a sack. “lovely ladies,” said the fox “I’m waiting for you. I’m very glad to see you”

The fox opened his sack and jumped upon them. The sisters quacked and screamed. They flapped their wings. They flew home and spank the door. The next morning the two ducks didn’t go out, they were afraid. On the following day, they found a new road to the pond. It took them safely to the pond.


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