Young, Broke and Stuck at home Part 1 by Juliah Utami

juliah utami teenagersIn my family, it’s mainly Dad who enforces the rules –he always wants to know where I am going, who with, and what time I’ll be home. If I’m late, especially if I’ve been to a concert he wants to know if there’s been any trouble. He’s less worried if I am going to be with boys, because he thinks that I’ll be protected.

In fact, there’s usually more trouble when we’ve been out with boys than when we’ve been in our own. During the week I have to be at home by 10.30,  which I thinks is reasonable. At weekends they don’t mind too much as long as I give them a rough idea for what time I’ll be back. Some of my friends have to put up with much strict rules. My best friend, Jane’s parents  stop her going up if she has been late back even when she’s been late back even whwn she’s get ticket or something. And a lot of my friends aren.t allowed on sunday all night all, which is quite restriction since none of us can really go out a lot in a week, because of homework, especially now, we’ve got exams.

My Dad is a teacher. I hate school and can’t wait to get out of it, but this isn’t a source of trouble between us. I’ve got job fixed up for when I leave next term, if i was going on dole, it might be a lot more difficult for us. I’ve hated school since that three year, when they started to say that if you don’t get “O” level counts that  much. It’s  mainly learning parrot fashion to show what a good memory you’ve got. I don’t need them. I’m learning hairdressing. But I’m taking them anyway, so I can say to my teacher  “see i can do it! I’ii probably fail them all”

Like most young women laeving at home, i really can’t talk about my ideas, or what i really feel to my parents. it’s really difficult to have privacy at home. No one ever knock when enter my room and often i have to share it with my brother’s girlfriend. I feel my parents are being nosy. my parents give me money for clothes and i have saturday morning hairdressing job, so i’m better of f than many. That’s another reason why i hate school, all those rules and the uniform when i could be at work earning. i know i won’t get first and i still have to live at home as it’s so badly paid, but it’ll be a start.


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